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Become Your Loved One’s Best Advocate

  by Amy Natt, MS, CMC, CSA   Q: My brother lives in a care facility about an hour away. We try to go visit him once a month, and each time we do, he seems to be declining. We always find him in his room, often asleep in his chair. We ask him if […]

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Coping with Alzheimer’s Caregiving

  By Donna Brock, Care Manager, Aging Outreach Services   During a recent conversation with a retired Vietnam Veteran and recipient of a Purple Heart, I was enlightened by an analogy of living with and caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease and being at war. I had never considered this idea prior to […]

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Considering Your Options Before Making a Move

  by Amy Natt, MS, CMC, CSA   Q: My wife died a few years ago, so I have been living at home alone. I still drive and can take care of the house and myself, but I have outlived my savings, and I am on a fixed income now. There is a lot of […]

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Coping with Incontinence

  by Amy Natt, MS, CMC, CSA   Incontinence is a much more common occurrence than you might imagine, for both men and women. You may have noticed an increase in the number of incontinence products being marketed to the baby boomer population. This is because so many people are facing bladder or urinary system […]

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Avoid Scams When Canceling Timeshares

  by Amy Natt, MS, CMC, CSA   Q: My dad has been trying to get rid of a timeshare he purchased years ago. He recently got a call from someone claiming to have a buyer. He authorized a credit card payment of $5,000 to complete the sale. After that, nothing ever happened and when […]

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