About Us

"Our goal is to provide compassionate, dependable care to enable older adults to navigate the processes and systems involved in aging successfully. It means empowering others to make decisions in their life for the care they hope to receive. It means giving the client the knowledge and resources to make the decisions and choices that fit their own belief system." - Amy Natt, President & CEO

Our Story

The idea of creating Aging Outreach Services and a company based upon caring for older adults with an emphasis on quality of care and quality of life began 18 years ago. The spark was ignited simply by my love and admiration of my great grandmother, Winifred Medley...

Our Team

As our practice has grown, I have looked for other care managers that care about the individual, are professional and resourceful and work hard, even when the crisis happens on a Saturday. Patience, perseverance and passion for older adults are all essential and combined with professional ethics to work in the best interest of each client or family we come in contact with...


Every client experience has confirmed that I made the right choice. The ones that are easier to navigate and go according to plan affirm my choices and skills. The ones that are challenging—sometimes heartbreaking—teach me and make me a stronger advocate for those I serve...

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