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"As advocates for older adults, it is our mission to ensure they have true quality of life. This passion is what drives all of the services that AOS provides. It is extremely rewarding to help a client with small daily needs as well as life-changing decisions—in routine and in crisis. Our services are designed to be individualized to client needs and to provide a professional service with heart." - Amy Natt, President & CEO

I'm not sure if my parent(s) should be living alone. How can a care manager help me decide?

Why would someone hire a Care Management Professional?

Does Medicare or Medicaid cover care management or caregiver services?

Will my Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) policy pay for caregiver or care management services?

Does the client pay the caregiver directly?

What services can a caregiver provide?

Does the client have a say in determining the caregiver?

Is there a minimum time requirement for caregiver services?

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