May 20

May Question of the Month



My mother had a great sense of humor along with a pretty good temper, but the humor usually won the day. She was a very social being who loved being with people, particularly her family. A nice tradition to follow. —Annie, 77

Her strong will and determination, and her caring heart. She always did a lot for her grandchildren. —Jamie, 52

Her resilence. She’s been on her own for 21 years and still swims six days a week. —Kathryn, 59

When she gave me a good smack, because she wanted me to be better. —Pauline, 90

Her strong work ethic and she was always there for us. She had eight children, four boys and four girls.  —Julia, 88

She was always there for me, and I could talk to her about anything, and I mean anything. —Susan, 70

She was a good person, a good soul. —Sally, 89

She was a pretty stern woman. She was the oldest of nine children, whom she helped raise. She always told the truth, and whatever she said, you could always believe it. —Belva, 87

My mother died when I was 12, but she was a role model the short time she was with us. Her last words to us were, “I will be all right.” —Virgie, 70

She was my mom, and she just loved me. That’s why I’m here. —Sharon, 59

Everything about her. I loved her very much. She gave us our morals and whooped us when we needed it. I never heard her say a curse word. —Talithia, 92

Her kindness, and she believed in hard work. She worked every day with my father in their candy store. She would go to Hershey, Pennsylvania, to get her chocolate for the store. She couldn’t read or write, but she could make the best candy. —Katherine, 87

She is nice and helpful. She keeps me safe and helps me with my homework. —Summer, 7

She cares for me. She gives me love.  She gives me most of what I need and less of what I want.   —Ni Jhae, 8

My mom is very nice to me. She buys me crayons, toys and candy. She makes ice cream. —Antonio, 8

She takes care of me. —Andrew, 8

When I sleep, she cuddles with me. —Dean, 8

She loves me. She cooks my favorite food. She buys me ice cream. —Pamela, 8

She gives me lots of care and love. And I know that she will always be there for me. —Grace, 8

She is a good cooker. She is nice to people.  She buys me nice clothes. —Elizabeth, 8

She gives me lots and lots of love. And she takes good care of me and she is kind to me. —Allenche’, 8

My mom is sweet. She’s nice. She’s pretty. She makes me laugh and cry in a nice way.  —Annali, 7

She is great, and she colors with me. —Kenzie, 5

Mommy’s hugs. —Luke, 2

Warm laps, hands for petting and bottomless bowls of food. —OutreachNC Co-editor Jeeves, 3

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