June 30

Generations July Question of the Month


What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream, and how do you like to eat it?

Breyer’s old-fashioned chocolate in a cake cone, because it’s just so good! —Casper, 64

Butter pecan in a bowl —Jim, 82

A cup of chocolate with sprinkles and whipped cream —Nadine, 76

Butter pecan —Dot, 87

A bowl with a scoop of sugar-free strawberry and butter pecan—Mrs. Thabet, 88

The only ice cream I’ll eat is rocky road, and I’ll only eat it in a big waffle cone. —Shirley, 67

Vanilla ice cream in a sugar cone —Peggy, 80

I love a bowl of butter pecan! —Patricia, 82

Any ice cream with chocolate and peanut butter —Carole, 63

My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla and served in a cake cone. I know, boring, but oh so good! Yum! —Sherri, 52

Old-fashioned vanilla with hot fudge sauce and topped with peanuts —Dave, 64

Vanilla in a sugar cone —Maddie, 5

Chocolate in a bowl with sprinkles and two nice, red cherries on top. —Finley, 5

Fudge ripple in a sugar cone —Todd, 9

Triple scoop of chocolate, vanilla and banana in a cone —Brinn, 3

A bowl of Mollie’s Follie from Yarborough’s Ice Cream —Zoe, 9

Chocolate cone —Emma Grace, 10

All ice cream in a cone —Alyssa, 4

Chocolate in a cone —Bethany, 8

Plain vanilla cone —Ian, 6

Vanilla, chocolate and chocolate chip in a bowl —Zach, 5

Rainbow sherbet in a waffle cone —Griffin, 10

Sardine float—OutreachNC Co-editor Jeeves, 2

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