November 28

Generations: December 2019 – What’s a Holiday Tradition You Want to Keep Going?


OutreachNC asked adults and children our December question. Share your answer on our Facebook page.

Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. They’re actually orange-scented breakfast rolls, and I love them. My kids are less enthusiastic, but I still make them with a hope-filled heart every year! – Amy, 44

Presents. I like to wake up to lots of presents. – Jade, 9

Family recipe binder of our favorite meals and all of my top-secret cooking tips and tricks – Ethel, 81

Green bean casserole at Christmas. – Dustin, 26

Having my mom try to create reindeer-shaped bite marks in the carrots we leave out. – Meredith, 17

Always a nice meal – in or out. When I was young, it was at home with all the traditional dishes. As I got older, we went out and sometimes had lamb ribs instead of turkey or something like that. But a lovely meal is so festive. – Madison, 62

Cutting down the Christmas tree at the farm, in the woods. My dad lets me help and holds the saw. – Jason, 8

Going out to dinner. – Terry, 74

Opening presents from youngest to oldest. – Courtney, 23

Eating a slice of cold pork pie with HP sauce on Christmas morning. – Evelyn, 80

Spending time with my family. – Sarah Gray, 7

Traveling to NYC to be with my son and his wife on Thanksgiving. For Christmas, it’s bringing out my nutcrackers and remembering the story behind each one when it was received. – Bobbie, 70

Golf Cart Drag Races on Memorial Day. – Deb, 62

My mom making a breakfast casserole. – Cameron, 7

Building LEGOS with my boys on Christmas morning. Never gets old, no matter how old we get. – Bruce, 52

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