January 12

Planning Ahead: An Emergency Checklist for 2022


At the start of 2020, ONC reader and supporter and local attorney Mia Lorenz provided a valuable and insightful checklist for readers as a way of organizing and managing important documents related to life. From medical documents to insurance records to estate planning paperwork, Lorenz provides a comprehensive checklist for documents necessary in the face of an emergency.
This list ensures we (and family members) can find important documents in a timely manner.
The new year is just the time to sweep out the old and ring in the new. While it may not be as exciting as planning a new vacation or setting wellness goals, getting our paperwork into order is as important as saving for retirement or vowing to finally drink enough water.
Read more about Lorenz’ own experience with her father’s death, which compelled her to make her own checklist and share her tips with readers. We thank Lorenz for sharing her story and her expertise so readers can benefit from her personal and professional perspectives.
The checklist includes information regarding the following:
  • Medical Information
  • Legal Information
  • Loan Documents
  • Personal Documents (such as birth certificate)
  • Property Paperwork
  • Important Contact Information
and more.
Click on the link below to read Lorenz’ story and download the checklist for your own use!

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