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First, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to your caregiver referrals, who were, to say the least, a godsend.  It is very hard to put into words what they did for my family, not just for my Dad. Their compassion was extraordinary, their skill set was incredible and scheduling flexibility was remarkable. They were hard working, and most importantly, they were so kind and thoughtful to my Dad no matter what his mood was on any particular day. Their actions engendered a trust from all of us so that we felt comfortable to have them in our home and caring for Dad. - Terry Shultz

How can we help?

 We offer client-driven care to assist you and

your loved ones through the many challenges of aging.

AOS Care Management

Professionals to support you as you navigate the complexities of aging issues.

AOS Caregiver Registry

You wouldn’t let just anybody into your home, we refer the highest quality of caregivers.

AOS Cares

AOS Cares is a program designed to provide our clients with access to one of our team members. 

Speakers Guild

Aging Outreach Services (AOS) Care Managers are available to visit with your organization and speak.

Additional Resources

OutreachNC Magazine

"OutreachNC is a community resource to help older adults, families and professionals successfully navigate life after 50. Each month, we embrace the many ways that the Second 50 can be rejuvenating, rewarding and sometimes challenging.” ~ Amy Natt, publisher.

Support Groups

Click below to see a list of local support groups with contact information. If you are looking for a support group for someone diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia or for a group geared for caregivers

Outreach NC Magazine
Outreach NC Magazine
Outreach NC Magazine
Outreach NC Magazine