“Our team is diversified and has a range of skills and experience that can be put to work for you.” ~ Amy Natt

AOS Companies

AGING OUTREACH SERVICES is a full-service management company that provides human resources, benefit management, accounting, billing, payroll services, administrative support, marketing, and product development for all of our companies.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service to clients, care providers, family members, advertisers, employees, and business colleagues.

Collectively, the AOS companies create a full-service elder care firm that can meet and navigate all your aging needs.

  • Our services can be provided to individual clients and families as well as companies, facilities and community organizations.
  • The services offered can be packaged or offered individually.
  • Contractual agreements are available to those wanting to provide these excellent professional and support services to their residents, patients, clients, families, and employees. I
  • We also offer a Speakers Guild, Placement Packages, Resource and Planning Guides and a friendly staff eager to meet all your aging needs.