Does Medicare or Medicaid cover care management or caregiver services?

  • Care Management – NO, but the Care Manager is trained to help navigate this for each client. They coordinate with licensed home care agencies to help clients set up and utilize any services qualified under Medicare (determined by age) or Medicaid (determined by income). The Care Manager is well versed in theses areas to help clients get the maximum potential benefit. They also help clients who are planning for a Medicaid spend down, working closely with an elder care attorney.
  • The Care Manager also works closely with Hospice (covered under Medicare) to help clients utilize this benefit.
  • Caregiver – NO, in reality; Medicare and Medicaid have very limited resources and allocation to provide caregiver or certified nursing assistant on any long term basis. It is typically for a limited period and limited hours for a specific task (bath aide 3 days a week) following a hospitalization or significant change in medical status.
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