Will my Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) policy pay for caregiver or care management services?

LTC insurance is intended to pay the policy holder (the client). The policy holder can appoint a beneficiary. Many of our clients do have LTC policies that offer a benefit for home care or care management. Each policy is written differently, but our Care Managers can help review the policy and complete necessary forms, develop of a plan of care (often required) to help the client process a claim and determine what services might be covered. The client is responsible for payment if the claim is denied.

  • Caregiver – many policies do have a home care benefit, however the language can vary greatly from policy to policy and should be reviewed prior to services.
  • Care Management – is not covered in many of the older policies. But some of the newer policies do have a benefit for a Care Manager or professional to help determine care needed, write and monitor plan of care, and at time complete forms necessary to the claim. Your policy should be reviewed prior to services.
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