Why would someone hire a Care Management Professional?

When you start to ask the following questions, it is time to consult with a care management professional. A care management professional will help you develop a plan, gather resources and find solutions.

  • Adult Children.
    • Is my parent receiving the care he/she needs?
    • Is my parent eating correctly?
    • Is my parent taking his/her medications correctly?
    • Are you missing work to care for a parent?
    • Does your parent live in a different town or state?
  • Older Adult.
    • Are you concerned about who will care for your spouse?
    • Is your spouse experiencing problems with memory?
    • Have managing meals, medications, and appointments become a full time job?
    • Are you wondering if you and your spouse can continue to live in your home?
    • Are you considering moving into a retirement community?
    • Who will you call in an emergency?
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