Care Management

AOS Care Management is a group of professionally trained Aging Life Care™ Managers who implement plans to assist older adults and their families with all the aspects of aging. Whether the older individual is living close to family or alone, care management is essential when there is difficulty coping with daily living. Is it time to consider a professional care manager?

IMG_6645We are a multi-service elder care service provider.  The complexities of in home care, facility placement, hospitalization, government programs, legal and financial professionals, health concerns and related costs can be overwhelming. We have extensive knowledge and experience coordinating the needs and services that provide quality ongoing care to you and your family.

Our caring services begin with an intake of your needs to determine the first step needed in tailoring our services to meet your personalized needs.

What is Aging Life Care?

Aging Life Care™, also known as geriatric care management, is a holistic, client-centered approach to caring for older adults or others facing ongoing health challenges.  Working with families, the expertise of Aging Life Care Professionals provides the answers at a time of uncertainty. Their guidance leads families to the actions and decisions that ensure quality care and an optimal life for those they love, thus reducing worry, stress and time off of work for family caregivers through:

  • Assessment and monitoring
  • Planning and problem-solving
  • Education and advocacy
  • Family caregiver coaching

The expertise of Aging Life Care Professionals can be summarized into 8 knowledge areas.


Some of our caring services include:

  • Assessment & Evaluation
  • Planned care management
  • AOS on call program:24/7 access to AOS services
  • Family consultation
  • Placement assistance
  • Resource location & referral
  • Nursing Home Advocacy
  • Crisis intervention
  • Adjustment support
  • Consumer education
  • Notary public service
  • Bill paying assistance
  • Care plan development
  • Dementia care, counseling, education and support
  • Coordination of personal care
  • Referral service for private duty caregivers through caregiver registry
  • Local resource and support for adult children
  • Guidance and direction when considering a move
  • Becoming your back-up plan

Let us help you determine how our services might best meet your needs

Assessment & Evaluationinternal Care Manager Amy with clients

Through AOS Care Management, an Aging Life Care Manager will come to your home to complete an initial assessment of needs. This is an informal interview process through which we evaluate multiple aspects of your long term plan of care. A written report is generated allowing you and those involved in your care to review all recommendations made by the Care Manager. Together we create a plan.

A Plan of Care

An Aging Life Care Manager reviews all the aspects of an older person’s life, well-being and safety. The Care Manager can assist in meeting immediate and ongoing needs, reducing the burden on family and loved ones.

Trained in geriatrics, our Care Managers provide:

  • Priority to our client
  • Expertise in the inter-relationships of aging
  • A holistic approach that offers comprehensive care management
  • An independent gerontologist without obligations to providers
  • Care manager in attendance when you can’t be there
  • Accessibility after hours and on weekends
  • Continued exploration of alternatives for proper care

AOS Cares On Call Program: 24/7 Access to AOS Services

This program provides for 24/7 access to AOS services. A Care Manager is always on call to respond to your needs. This program creates a back-up plan and gives you a resource to help navigate crisis situations that often occur beyond typical business hours.

Our services include:

  • 24 hour access to a care manager
  • Initial Consultation to organize essential information which allows the care manager to be an effective representative; insurance, medications, medical history, physicians, family contacts, power of attorney, living will status, and at-home safety issues
  • Quarterly meetings scheduled with your care manager

This program is billed annually.
If called for, emergency services are billed on an hourly rate.

Placement Assistance

A trained Care Manager is familiar with the many facilities in south central North Carolina. We can assist in determining what level of care is appropriate for your loved one and facilitate the placement process. Our Care Managers work with the facilities and physicians on a routine basis to ensure a smooth transition to a facility that will best meet your needs.

Adjustment Support

Once a move occurs, whether it be to a facility or a new residence, the Care Manager can assist in setting up the services necessary to provide ongoing support to help with the transition. Sometimes a little TLC can go a long way during this difficult time.

To get started with Care Management for yourself or your loved one, call us today at 855-590-7673.

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