AOS Cares

AOS Cares is a program designed to provide our clients with access to one of our team members day or night for support.

AOS Cares wallet card

 Membership Details œ

  • Initial meeting with an AOS Cares team member to set up a client profile
  • A professional on-call for you 24/7 to help navigate whatever needs may arise
  • Three additional check in visits annually complimentary to all 24-hour care clients

 Program Costs œ


“My care manager was able to meet me at the hospital and answer all the important questions. It gave me such peace of mind.”

Contact us toll-free for details at 855-590-7673

 Additional Benefits of AOS Cares œ

There may be times when an older adult has someone else acting on their behalf. Because of this, the AOS Cares program works closely with those who are in your support system. The AOS Cares contact number should be given to other people who are involved in your life.

Here are some ideas:

  • Place the AOS Cares number as first contact on any emergency response program you may utilize
  • Have the hospital list AOS Cares as a contact on your file
  • Make sure your adult children know how to access our program
  • Give the number to a neighbor with a key to your home
  • Let your physician know about this program
  • The guard at your community gate house
  • If you reside in a care facility, have them put a copy of your card on your chart

To be enrolled in the AOS Cares program, call us today 855-590-7673

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